Responsibility, Accountability, Ownership

How do we achieve these goals?
by taking ownership in every step of the branding, marketing, and promotional needs of you and your target market.

Responsibility - If you want your brand promoted globally, then we take ownership in creating a 360 degree approach to reach that goal.

Accountability - Tenner and Associates only takes as many clients as we can service.  We give our clients one hundred percent of our resources.

Ownership – We take pride in our work and methods of promotion. One method is a focus on purpose of product through charitable events. 

Lisa Tenner has a long list of impressive results for clients.  “In Branding and Marketing, you need to push it to the edge without falling over.” 

Tenner and Associates is the firm that
knows how to find your edge. 

In other words, if you want results...if you want critical mass,
if you are into acquisition--then Tenner & Associates
is your promotions firm.


Lisa Tenner - President

121 Quail Run Rd.
Henderson NV 89014

Cell Phone: +1 702.496.3286
Office: +1 702.454.9561



Poker Gives was founded by Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Lisa Tenner as a way for poker players to give back to worthwhile charity organizations. The mission of is to raise funds through poker events and private donations, and distribute them to mainstream charities on behalf of the poker world.

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